Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is your GMail account compromised?


Have this happen to you? Input the correct login details but still can't get in. Recently i got locked out of my own GMail account. Of course i was worried as a lot of my online forum and services logins are registered using that account. I don't know which one exactly but i may have been hacked or keylogged or just plain phished.

Back to the problem, i quickly tried to retrieve my GMail account and after providing proof that i own that account (phone number / other email account / recent contact list) i was given access to the account in less than a day. Props to the staff!

So now i'm more cautious on my online activity. Well to be honest i did use a few public computer on campus to login so would highly recommend anyone to do any logging in from your own computer or laptops.

So here's how you check if your GMail account is compromised. Just go down your inbox and find this handy last account activity function they've made.

When i got back my account i my log shows 5 IP address from Algeria. I was baffled as i've never even been on an Algerian website. I was just happy i got back my account without any real problem, updated a few of my account's details and carried on surfing the web.

Proxyfire Software and Forum


Hello there Interweb peoples, I've read a lot of blogs recently and i've decided to make one myself. Hopefully i can meet all kinds of people with different interests.

I'm currently studying in a Computer Networking course in Asia because of my interests in computer & technology especially in networking. Granted my country is pretty bad in terms with internet speeds and wi-fi availability in major areas i hope i can make my country better connected to the world so more people can communicate and have fun with people from all over the world.